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"See-it-All" Tour - Space Coast

Our ultimate tour package! You will experience all the Space Coast has to offer! This tour combines the Beach & Port Canaveral Tour with the St. John’s River Eco-tour and caps it off with the Kennedy Space Center Tour to include our famous “Shuttle Runway Pass” as you actually fly down the Space Shuttle Runway.

Tour Duration: 1 Hour
Tour Distance: 75 Miles
Flight Duration: 45-50 Minutes

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It doesn’t get any more romantic than this! Imagine cruising the beach and watching the spectacular sunset from above.
Relive those moments in the air in high definition with this awesome keepsake video.
Consists of 2 wingovers, one loop, and one roll.
Double the fun with 4 wingovers, 2 loops, and 2 rolls.
If you are not quite certain you want to loop or roll in our open-cockpit biplane, but are curious about how maneuverable and smooth it is, then this is the perfect option for you! Experience non-aerobatic maneuvers such as steep turns, lazy eights, and chandelles!



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Total Price: 459.98


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