5 Ways to Improve Your Next Vacation
Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 4:36PM

5 Ways to Improve Your Next Vacation

Everyone loves a fun vacation. It’s a chance to recharge your batteries, reconnect with family and loved ones, log some essential rest and relaxation time, and get back to work/school/life duties with a new outlook and clearer focus.

As summer break is drawing to a close, it’s not too early to think about what to do over the holidays, Spring Break, and throughout the coming year. Use this advice to create lasting memories and maximum fun for your next vacation.  

1) Stay Focused

For many people, the only downside of vacation is getting back to reality. Shift your perspective by thinking about your next break the minute you arrive home. Keep a vacation jar nearby and encourage everyone in the family to contribute as they can. Throughout the year, you’ll collect an impressive pot of fun money.

At work, take an extra shift or volunteer for some overtime hours. The added effort now will be worth it later on when you’re lounging by pool, discovering an interesting new place, reaching for the stars on helicopter flights, or simply decompressing on your much-deserved vacation.

2) Plan… to Go Off Plan

There’s a saying that even the “best-laid plans” sometimes don’t go exactly right. And that’s okay. While crafting a basic framework of what you most want to see, do, and accomplish on your time off makes a good foundation, sometimes it’s better to stray from the schedule.

Maybe you notice an interesting museum or enticing Cocoa Beach attractions that you didn’t know about before. Perhaps there’s a shopping mall or restaurant to explore that could bump other plans to the next day. The idea is not to limit your adventures to a written script. After all, going where the mood leads you can be fun and exciting.

3) Get Some Winks

Wanting to get the most from every hour of your vacation is understandable. However, exhaustion and over-exertion can take a toll on your health. That’s why travel experts recommend scheduling naps and/or rest time into your plans.

Alternative accommodations (such as Airbnb) are growing in popularity since they often provide a homey feel that makes it easy to unwind and relax without feeling like you’re missing out on the action.  

4) Save Money  

Who doesn’t love to save? As mentioned, whatever funds you keep on this trip can be put toward your next family vacation. Along with normal budgeting, experts recommend carefully planning travel dates, lodging and transportation, and other costs to maximize savings.

Many people also use loyalty/reward programs, AAA, and other perks to keep spending in check. Another great idea is to plan affordable and memorable excursions the whole family will love, such as Cocoa Beach air tours. 

5) Explore the Local Area   

Public transportation is reliable, but many times you miss interesting parts of your favorite vacation spot. Step away from the tourist areas and discover hot spots and fun outings that locals love. That includes treating the whole family to breath-taking views, local history, and amazing times on board Cocoa Beach helicopter tours.

Our aircraft features spacious seating and wide windows so everyone can get a full and comfortable view of the spectacular Brevard County scenery. Once airborne, you’ll see major attractions such as Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World, and more. By getting a bird’s eye view in this way, you can witness the entire region in one glance.

In addition, our helicopters meet the highest safety standards. Regularly inspected by our own maintenance crew, the safety of you and your loved ones is our top priority.

Are you ready to treat your family to the vacation experience of lifetime? Contact us today to book a remarkable holiday event they’ll never forget. 

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