Cocoa Beach Helicopter Tours: Where Education Gets Exciting
Wed, May 17, 2017 at 3:20PM

Cocoa Beach Helicopter Tours: Where Education Gets Exciting

School may be drawing to a close, but the summer months can be filled with fun (and educational) opportunities for your family to enjoy.

Below, see why a Cocoa Beach helicopter tour is one of the "smartest" moves you can make, all season long!

Seeing lessons come to life

In school, your child learned about science--the size of the ocean, the critters who call it home, the way waves work and how to tell where the weather's heading.

On your helicopter tour, they'll get a chance to put all that knowledge (and more!) to the test. Your ride in the sky will give them--and you--a chance to understand the motion of the water, or how the surface changes color the deeper it gets, or the movement of animals like dolphins, manatees, sharks, stingrays, gators, and other animals they may not want to get too close to in person.

And of course, what better way to explore the physical reality of space-age innovations, than to fly above the Kennedy Space Center?

Rediscovering Cocoa Beach

What about those facts and insights you don't even know that you don't know?

For lovers of trivia, or simply those who are curious about the way the world works, your helicopter tour will offer a one-of-a-kind chance to learn something new about the coast you call "home." When you pair your tour with a day of fun in the sun and in the water, you'll walk away knowing that much more about Cocoa Beach, the Space Coast, and Florida's natural beauty.

And of course, every ride is different. You never know what you're going to learn as you step onto our helicopters and ascend into Cocoa Beach's picturesque blue sky--you just know it's going to be something good!

Opportunities to explore

Building your day around a Cocoa Beach helicopter tour puts you at the perfect position to explore other educational opportunities, too. While you're in the area, you can do some field research on seashells, sand dollars, and other marine discoveries at the beach; visit the famous Space Center and see what it's like to surround yourself with stars; or soak up some hands-on knowledge about the natural world in the state-of-the-art Exploration Tower. In Cocoa Beach, you never have to travel far to learn something new.

There's no limit to the things you can learn on your Cocoa Beach helicopter tour--of course, you'll be having so much fun that you might not even realize it. We hope to see you and your family soon for a getaway experience you won't forget!

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