5 Ways Helicopter Tours Make the Best Holiday Gift
Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 10:41AM

5 Ways Helicopter Tours Make the Best Holiday Gift

You probably know people who seem to have it all. That makes gift giving difficult. Maybe you’ve got someone on your list this holiday season for whom you just can’t seem to think of a great gift. It’s nice to know that there exists an experience they’ll never forget.

In fact, these days “experiential giving” is on the rise. That’s when instead of a tangible gift, you surprise someone with an activity or excursion that they can remember long after the event is over. Some psychologists even say this type of gift can maximize happiness for both the giver and receiver.

Make this the year you fully embrace all that Port Canaveral helicopter tours have to offer. Here are some of the most popular reasons why this gift is like nothing they’ve ever seen.

1) Bird’s-Eye View

Helicopters fly lower than airplanes. That makes it a perfect opportunity to get dazzling photos you won’t find anywhere else. Wow your social media friends, or simply create a family album that you’ll cherish for years. You can even take video on board your tour, or purchase a professional video memento of your trip.

Aside from captured images, you and your loved ones will marvel at the local attractions and natural beauty you can see right from the comfort of your spacious window seat.

2) Versatile Use

Through the years, we’ve been proud to have a central role in various precious memories of people from across the country and even the globe. Helicopter tours make the perfect date night, bonding experience with your kids or grandkids, guys/girls night out, and even corporate team building event.

As you investigate fun and memorable things to do in Cocoa Beach, keep in mind that a leisurely and affordable helicopter tour allows you to see the area in a whole new light. You might even spot attractions you’ll add to your itinerary that you didn’t even know existed before.

3) Exciting and Interesting

As mentioned, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing the world from the air. In addition, your helicopter tour features breath-taking views of nature and the best Central Florida attractions. That includes Kennedy Space Center, Exploration Tower, Walt Disney World, and more.

In addition, the holiday season is an ideal moment to witness lights and decorations from above. What better way to celebrate the end of the year, and herald in a new one?

4) New Perspectives   

To that end, helicopter rides in Cocoa Beach, Florida are one of the best ways to treat friends and loved ones to memories that will stay with them forever. Kids will love heading back to school with stories of all the fun they had on board. Meanwhile, adults will be able to regale their classmates and co-workers with riveting tales of their helicopter rides.

In fact, many people who take a helicopter tour quickly get “hooked,” and come back again and again to re-visit the exciting experience. With several different tours to choose from, each one can be like a whole new excursion.

5) Future Fun 

Of course, helicopter tours aren’t only for the holiday season. Instead, nearly every day in Cocoa Beach is tailor-made for seeing the region by air. The holiday season is busy for many people. That’s when a gift certificate allows your loved ones to come back for a tour at a time that’s convenient to them.

While you explore Cocoa Beach attractions for end-of-year fun, keep in mind the exciting and affordable option of helicopter tours. Always keeping safety top of mind, our aircraft are expertly-maintained, and our pilots are FAA-certified. Plus, each rider gets their own spacious and comfortable seat. Large windows make for terrific views.

Browse our website to learn more about our tours and what you and your loved ones can expect on board. Then, contact us today to book a gift experience not to be forgotten.

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