Celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day in Cocoa Beach
Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 8:40AM

Celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day in Cocoa Beach

Ahoy, matey! September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day—and we’ve got lots of fun ways to celebrate right here in Cocoa Beach.

This fun fall holiday is all about switching up your lingo in the spirit of seafaring tradition. Take a look below as we share a few easy ideas on how to enjoy!

Practice your pirate lingo

Like the name of the day suggests, Talk Like a Pirate Day is all about learning the lingo. The swashbuckling heroes of our favorite pirate tails were known for speaking in loud growls with lots of emphasis on the r’s.

A few key phrases to get you started? Swap “ahoy” for “hello,” “matey” for “friend,” and “landlubber” for everyone else who’s not spending the day by the beach. Throw in a generous amount of “arrrgh’s” to express just about any emotion.

Dress the part

Kids especially will love to dress the part on Talk Like a Pirate Day. As you enjoy the day in Cocoa Beach (whether that means lunch by the beach or a family helicopter tour), invite them to don black and white stripes and a dash of red for an easy costume.

Learn about regional pirate history

This holiday can be an educational one, too, especially since our state has a rich history of those swashbucklers’ stories! Sir Francis Drake is one figure of the pirate era, who was noted (in part) for plundering the Spanish fort at St. Augustine. The family will also find it interesting to hear about Anne Bonny, one of history’s only known female pirates who made a name for herself sailing the waters off Florida and throughout the Caribbean.

Get to know the pirates’ old haunts

Once you know the pirates’ stories, see where they made history! You don’t need to hop on a pirate ship to do this… just enjoy a helicopter tour of the wide-open ocean, seeing the ports and waterways that may have once served as swashbucklers’ old stomping grounds.

Playing the part of a pirate is a great way to get back to the make-believe days of childhood—so visitors of all ages can get in on the fun! We hope that today’s blog inspires you to enjoy the day in Cocoa Beach.







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