Why Travel is Good for Your Health
Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 12:03PM

Why Travel is Good for Your Health

Many people today have put vacations on the back burner due to work concerns, budget constraints, and other considerations. Still, travel and new experiences are scientifically-proven to improve mental function, increase happiness, boost physical health, and a wealth of other benefits.

Travel doesn’t have to be a world excursion or months-long voyage. Instead, more people are taking ‘staycations’ where they can explore local events and fun attractions. Others look for nearby points of interest (such as Cocoa Beach air tours) that are accessible by a short road trip.

That means even if you’re swamped with work and other tasks, you can still reap the big benefits of what travel offers. Here are just a few of the positive changes provided by exposing yourself to new experiences:

Lay the Groundwork for Optimal Health

While it’s difficult to put a focus on health during vacations (especially when confronted with tasty treats and exciting new dishes), travel experts say holidays tend to encourage more activity than when people are at work.

Particularly if you have an office job that requires you to sit at a desk for long periods, simply walking to and from the beach is helpful. In fact, it’s not uncommon to log several miles per day just walking around Disney World, Universal Studios, and other theme parks.

Fitness experts say many people find a renewed interest in overall wellness after returning from a vacation. That’s due in part to the fact that travel creates opportunities to try new things, such as water sports (surfing, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding) nature hikes, and unique experiences, such as cultural/history tours, helicopter rides, and more.

Improved Memory Retention and Brain Function

Being open to new experiences also has a major benefit for brain function. Mental health experts say people usually feel happier when they return from a vacation. In addition, time spent looking at photos or sharing stories from a break helps create memories that ‘exercise’ the brain.

When people return to work and daily duties following vacation, simply thinking of recent fun times creates a calming effect that contributes to a clear mind.

Heightened Emotional Intelligence and Capacity for Empathy

Researchers say re-connecting with nature helps ground us to the environment and our general surroundings. Especially when nearness to water is involved (rivers, lakes, ocean), people gain a renewed sense of peace and tranquility.

Engaging with surroundings also has the power to reduce stress. In studies of the brain, researchers found that high-stress levels contribute to poor sleep habits. Lack of or inadequate sleep contributes to irritability and reduced cognitive efficiency and performance.

In addition, psychologists say simply experiencing new sounds and sights and meeting new people helps the mind reset. Latching onto that concept, many workplace managers now require employees to take time off, so they can come back to work fresh and energized.

Travel Makes You a More Well-Rounded Person

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