What to Pack for a Cocoa Beach Cruise
Sat, Jul 08, 2017 at 1:55PM

What to Pack for a Cocoa Beach Cruise

Getting away this summer cruise style? We don’t blame you- Cocoa Beach is home to the fastest growing port, so why not take advantage of it any chance you get?

Vacationing is easy, and we think packing and preparing should be too. When traveling away from home you want all your essentials close by, so be sure to check all the boxes below that apply.

Passport or birth certificate

The most exciting part of a cruise is stopping at foreign ports. Nothing would be worse than staying on the boat rather than exploring the new country because you forgot your travel identification.

Having a passport is your safest bet for fast and safe exits, but depending on where you are traveling a government issued birth certificate may just suffice.

Small travel bag

If you’ve been on a cruise before, then you know the drill- as soon as you step aboard the fun begins. Its no surprise cruises are far different than air travel, especially when it comes to luggage. Each passenger is delivered their luggage right to their room so the wait can be a while.

In your small travel bag stuff it with some essentials- bathing suit, sunscreen, wallet, passport, reading material, anything that will allow you to have fun right away.


Vacation is always the best time to put work away and luckily on a cruise you probably won’t have the service to work even if you wanted to. Still, electronics are essential to have.

Bring your phone for communication and map features, a digital or Polaroid camera for snapping memories, and iPad's for reading and watching movies by the pool. And we all know these devices are useless without juice so bring device charges and portable chargers.


If you’ve never been on a cruise before you may think the only thing you’ll need is some bathing suits and coverups, but really, cruises usually have a night or two that require formal wear. Don’t get us wrong, you will need a surplus of bathing suits, but don’t forget a nice outfit or two.

Vacations are all about relaxing so bring whatever is comfortable for you and your travel habits. If you like to go out a lot bring outfits that fit those settings, and if you like to take it easy don’t forget some sweats and casual wear- one thing for sure is, you probably won’t be needing jackets.

Sun protectants

No matter your destination, if you’re on a cruise you’re in the sun. You don’t want to hide from it, but you sure do want to protect your skin while lounging by the pool or walking on the deck.

Consider bringing one, or all, of these items: sunhat, visor, ballcap, sunscreen, sunglasses, and aloe vera (for sun burns). Sunhats and glasses are stylish and necessary, so they are probably already in your bag, but it can never hurt to go the extra mile.

Whether you’re going away for a short week or long 10-14 days you want to make sure you have everything you need. We think we’ve covered the basics in this short blog, but remember there is still more to consider, like shoes, pajamas, and extra items like binoculars and toiletries.

Don’t forget, you can always stay an extra day before or after your cruise in Cocoa Beach to enjoy a nice helicopter ride or famous beaches!




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