Where to Wine and Dine in Cocoa Beach
Mon, Jun 05, 2017 at 12:05PM

Where to Wine and Dine in Cocoa Beach

We all know about the glorious beach life Cocoa Beach provides, but what about the night life? Wonder no more—when the sun goes down, there is still plenty to do here in Cocoa Beach.

Today’s blog will show you just some of the wonderful options you and your family can choose from after some fun in the sun.

Sunset Waterfront Grill & Bar

As you drive up and down the coast of Cocoa Beach, you will notice you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food and fun. Sunset Waterfront Grill & Bar can fulfill all your needs when it comes to family excitement and serene sunset views.

Enjoy a vamped-up surf & turf style menu while sipping on drinks as the water rises and sun goes down. In the meantime, watch the kids as they catch an up-close view of the aquatic adventures right on the dock while they await their delicious meals. This is truly where great food and good times come together.

Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar

One thing that’s great about the coast of Cocoa Beach is how close together everything is. Chances are, the place you choose to dine at is only miles away from where you are staying. If you are looking for a more fun, lively atmosphere then Grills is the place to go.

Each night they host live entertainment between the two Cocoa locations- Port and Riverside. Adults can dance to live music while kids can watch boats go by on the new waterfront decks. On top of that, the wide array of seafood will leave you feeling anything but famished.

Mambos Beachside Bar & Grill

Cocoa Beach is home to many resort-style hotels, so whether you are vacationing from up north, or a local South Florida native, these are always greats option for food and fun. The International Palms Resort is where you can find the famous Mambos Beachside Bar & Grill.

The name hides nothing, this is the go-to place for authentic Caribbean cuisine and tropical flavors. The best part is, you can feel safe letting the little ones play in the sand while older friends and family members sip on sweet drinks. Mambo’s is the exact place you would expect to see on your beach vacation.

Sunset tour from above

After you’ve finished an excellent dining experience at one of the local Cocoa Beach restaurants, consider taking your vacation to the next level. By now, you’ve seen what the coastline can offer by foot, car, or even boat, but how about from up above?

For a pleasant view, the entire family can enjoy, come by and take a tour under the stars of Cocoa Beach-no reservation needed! See where you’ve swam all day and played all night in one of our helicopters. (We offer packages that will please any member, and provide a memory that’s impossible to forget).

We hope this has given you some inspiration on what to do when the sun goes down here in lovely Cocoa Beach. We look forward to taking you on an adventure soon!

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