Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands
Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 10:05AM

Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands

Whether you live in Cocoa Beach full time, or just a seasonal visitor, you are aware of the many glorious beaches. But this summer, try something new and adventurous- away from tourists and commercial attractions.

The Thousand Island Conservation Area is a great getaway for you and the family, without actually having to leave Cocoa Beach. Look at today’s blog to find the many reasons why Thousand Islands will become a new family favorite.

Ramp Road Park

This Conservation Area is a 338-acre preserve that flows along the Banana River. (The best way to access this hidden gem is from Ramp Road just west of A1A). While most of this nature attraction is water friendly, there is much to do on land.

Ramp Road Park is filled with convenient spaces that lead directly to loading zones for kayaks, and paddle boards. The park also houses restrooms, picnic tables, parking lots, and a boardwalk giving you access to anything you may need when you’re having an adventurous day. If you’re not up for extensive athletic activity however, you can always use the two boat ramps- one for larger boats, one for smaller boats- and spend the day on the open preserve.

Mangrove tunnels

The remarkable thing about these islands are the many secrets you discover. When drifting through mangrove tunnels you experience a world you’ve never seen before, filled with wildlife and eye popping scenery.

Although these tunnels are left at random, with no marked trail, they are protected so you never feel lost- the open horizon is always in front of you. We think you’ll enjoy your wild time meandering up and down tunnels of shaded waters.


This is truly where education becomes exciting. If you bring the kids, or just yourself, there is always something to learn from Thousand Islands. Catch glimpses of wading birds, eagles, and ospreys. Go ahead and fish from your canoe or kayak- but watch out for dolphins and manatees, you don’t want to accidentally hook one of those!

Depending on what time of day you go depends on what wild creatures you may find. But that’s all part of the fun- when you travel through these natural terrains, you’ll always be surprised.

Classic tours

If you’ve already seen these islands by boat, paddle board, or kayak- or if you simply want a day off the water, then our helicopter tour is just what you need.

We offer many tours, one including our classic tour over Cocoa Beach & Thousand Islands. This tour is as unique as the islands, it gives you an aerial view of the extended Cocoa Beach as you soar over the Banana River and circle back around the Thousand Islands- where you still catch all the pelicans, manatees, and dolphins. Although you aren’t up close and personal with the preserved nature, you still get an immense visual of the area your visiting or living in.

From reading this blog, we hope you got the insights you need to take your summer vacations to the next level. Visit our website for more information on which helicopter tour is best for your family and friends- we’d be happy to take you anywhere you’d like to go!


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